Cobblemon Server List

Rank Name Server Players IP
CrystalCraft Adventures: Kanto Region CrystalCraft Adventures: Kanto Region

Join us and get ready to explore the Kanto region in Cobblemon!

Golden cobblemon Golden cobblemon

Cobblemon latino, dónde tendrás diversión garantizada

GreekCobblemon GreekCobblemon

Lunar Legends Lunar Legends

Cobblemon + Minecraft

Milkymon Milkymon

Welcome to Milkymon, A server that's using Cobblemon's latest version on Fabric with a more dedicated aim for survival! Simplified yet fun! We do have a whitelisting system that makes it possible to whitelist yourself onto our server. Our features: Home teleportation /home set, /home, /spawn NPC's

Novamon Novamon

A simple, fun, and challenging experience.

Park-Ball Gang Park-Ball Gang

Welcome to Park-Ball Gang, a Minecraft server with the Cobblemon mod! We're currently not accepting new members, but once we open applications in our Discord, you can join our exciting community. Weekly events include Battle Tournaments, Bug Catching Contests, and Trivia Nights. We also have a gym

Pokehub Pokehub


PokéRealms PokéRealms

A Cobblemon 1.3.0 Forge server with 1:1500 scale Earth Map. Forge nations using Towny, Rankup your player account, level up your jobs/skills and build a monopoly on the player market today!

Slockage MC Forge [No P2W] Slockage MC Forge [No P2W]

Welcome to Slockage MC Forge! Small community, not overloaded with mods. Join now!

Souls Network - Cobble Souls (Forge) Souls Network - Cobble Souls (Forge)

Kill Pokemon, get soul Oonga Boonga

Sride93 Sride93

The Creators The Creators

A cozy survival community playing Create Cobblemon!

TheMineLabs TheMineLabs

What makes us different from the other servers? You will never find a friendlier community, with a staff who are quick to solve any issues and answer any questions promptly, and you'll never be without a wholehearted welcome every time you log in!

Westemon Hub Westemon Hub

I do this for fun and I have you enjoy the server

sususrk sususrk

миша123 миша123


Welcome to Cobblemon server list. Here you will be able to find many cobblemon servers to join and play on. If you're a Minecraft fan, you might be excited to learn about a new mod that's making waves in the community. It's called Cobblemon, and it's an exciting addition to the game that's sure to change the way you play. Cobblemon is a mod that takes inspiration from the popular Pokemon franchise, allowing you to catch and collect a variety of creatures that you can then use to battle other players. But instead of Pokemon, you'll be collecting a range of creatures that are based on Minecraft's own creatures and monsters. The mod adds over 50 unique Cobblemon to the game, each with their own unique abilities and stats. You can catch them using Pokeballs, just like in Pokemon, and then train them up and use them to battle other players in online matches. But Cobblemon isn't just about collecting and battling. The mod also adds a range of new features to the game, including new biomes, structures, and items that make the Minecraft world even more exciting to explore.